Due to the ongoing pandemic involving Covid 19, many of my couples made the hard decision to postpone their big day to 2022 but a handful decided to move forward on a much more intimate level. As hard, stressful and saddened my couples have been from having to scale down their weddings the outcome has always been the same for me, a beautiful day with an amazing couple who have promised each other forever. And to be really honest the photographs often turn out even more beautiful with a smaller guest count allowing me to focus on the couple, the environment they are in and the selected few they have chosen to witness their vows.

      No matter the outcome, no matter how big or small, we are here waiting to help you create your big day. Safely with the ones you love!

      Just look at the way Saidatul and Irhamni look each other – together their laughed and emanated the sweetest newlywed energy that remind me that love is never cancelled! Thank you S + I for entrusting me with these precious moments.


      #malaywedding #photographerjohor #batupahatphotographer

      Photographed by @adyshahadan


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